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Procurement Rules Listing

Sr. No Type Procurment Code Procurment Title Description
1 Grievance Redressal Rule 3(1) Filing of Complaint For the purpose of clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 35 of the Act, an aggrieved bidder, on the grounds mentioned in rule 4 below, may file a complaint in writing with the procuring entity, clearly stating the specific grounds on which he feels aggrieved, and the relief or the rectification sought by him. The complaint shall be accompanied with certified copies of documents, including affidavits, if any, relied upon
2 Grievance Redressal Rule 3(1)(i) Filing of Complaint after declaration of a bidder, as successful on announcement of bids evaluation report, a complaint may be filed only by a person or firm who has participated in the procurement proceedings
3 Grievance Redressal Rule 3(1)(ii) Filing of Complaint in cases, the technical bids are evaluated by the procuring entity before opening of the financial bids, a complaint related to financial bids may be filed only by a person or firm whose technical bid is found responsive
4 Grievance Redressal Rule 3(1)(iii) Filing of Complaint a complaint against execution of the contract may be filed only by a person or firm, who is a party to the contract
5 Grievance Redressal Rule 3(2) Filing of Complaint Where an aggrieved bidder, for reasons beyond his control, is not in a position to furnish a duly certified copy of the order complained against or where the complaint is based on a statement of a decision, action or omission of the procuring entity, the complaint shall be accompanied by an affidavit of the aggrieved bidder to that effect
6 Grievance Redressal Rule 3(3) Filing of Complaint A complaint, against any decision, action or omission in the procurement process till the announcement of final results of the bids evaluation under rule 45 of the procurement rules, may be made, at any time prior to award of the contract, within ten (10) days of making it public in terms of rule 46 of the procurement rules and pertaining to execution of the contract until closure of the contract in terms of rule 51 of the procurement rules: Provided that no complaint shall lie against selection of a procurement method and decision to reject all tenders, quotations or proposals, as specified under the Act and procurement rules, respectively
7 Grievance Redressal Rule 3(4) Filing of Complaint All complaints presented to or received by the procuring entity, shall be duly acknowledged for receipt
8 Grievance Redressal Rule 3(5) Filing of Complaint Anonymous or pseudonymous complaints or those received after the limitation period, mentioned in sub-rule (3) above, shall not be entertained and filed without any processing
9 Grievance Redressal Rule 4(a) Grounds of Complaint mis-procurement by the procuring entity
10 Grievance Redressal Rule 4(b) Grounds of Complaint violation of merit in any order of the procuring entity, pertaining to enlistment and pre-registration, short-listing, pre-qualification, qualification, post-qualification, disqualification and debarment or blacklisting
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